Upstate South Carolina Real Estate 12-17-2010

A week has passed since the last time I updated this blog with links to the latest information and articles I have added to my Upstate South Carolina real estate website. And I have been busy adding all sorts of articles that both buyers and sellers can find useful or helpful and help them become better informed.

First I talked about the Mortgage Interest Deduction and some of the facts regarding this very important issue for anyone that owns a home now or is thinking about buying a home! Heck this is important information because of the recent push to change or eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction. You can find out more by reading Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Deductions

The next article I added was information about how many homes had sold, came onto the market etc in my area. You can find out more by reading the Upstate South Carolina Real Estate Market Monitor 12-12-2010

Next up, I talked about the South Carolina Tax Realignment Commission, or TRAC, releasing their final report and more specifically how this could affect real estate in South Carolina. Taxes and money is on everyone's mind these days, so I am sure you will want to check out South Carolina TRAC Releases Final Tax Reform Proposal

Anyone that is thinking about selling their home always wants to know what they need to do to get it ready for the market. And even if you are not planning on selling your home soon, you still want to get the best return for your money when selling. So check out best Bang for Your Buck When Remodleing a South Carolina Home

I read a great blog last week about a guy that had lost his dog. It really gets to you if you have ever loved and lost a dog. And then I found out about the lower adoption rates at the Anderson County Animal Shelter because of the Holidays. Please, even though this is not about real estate, check out Great Holiday Gift Idea

Next I shared some funny anecdotes or jokes about living in South Carolina. For a laugh, check out You Never Hear About People Retiring and Moving North

Then I talked about the news about Housing Starts and the economy in Housing Starts Up in October 2010

Just yesterday I added some great information for both buyers and sellers regarding the average interest rates reported by the MBA and Freddie Mac. Find out more by reading the latest Mortgage Rate Update

Today I wrote about some interesting information about how color affects purchasing habits. If you are selling a home, then maybe this can give some insight into buyer's mind. Find out more by reading Can Color Affect Real Estate Buyers

Then I started late yesterday adding some market reports to the website, Be sure to check out:

November 2010 Market Indicators  November 2010 Housing Supply Outlook

And last but not least, another crazy picture that has nothing to do with real estate in Upstate South Carolina:

upstate south carolina realtor thinks this is funny

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Upstate South Carolina Real Estate

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