Upstate South Carolina Real Estate 11-27-2010

Well I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday. I got a pretty good deal on a new pair of shoes at Grady's in Anderson but otherwise was too busy catching up from taking Turkey Day off to do much shopping. I have added several great articles for anyone interested in buying or selling real estate in Upstate South Carolina!

We all know the economy and the real estate market is still hurting. The key to housing market recovering is job creation and availability of credit so that people can actually buy a home. Last week NAR’s Board of Directors approved a credit policy to urge the mortgage lending industry to reassess and amend their policies so more qualified home buyers can become home owners. But that is just part of the current problem with real estate and the economy! There is sadly a problem with scam artists preying on distressed home owners that you can read about at Help for Struggling Homeowners Against Mortgage Relief Scams

An interesting survey about housing and real estate was released by Fannie Mae this week and you can find out more by reading October 2010 Fannie Mae Housing Survey

One of the reasons why right now is considered by many a great time to buy is because of the low mortgage rates available today. Consider the latest report from FHFA on Mortgage Rates in October 2010

The National Association of REALTORS® released the existing home sales numbers for October 2010 and they are not pretty. Please remember that this is for all of the U.S. or the Southeast and not just Upstate South Carolina! Find out more by reading October 2010 Existing Home Sales

Or maybe you want to check out some of the October 2010 Real Estate Market reports for Upstate South Carolina:

October 2010 Market Indicators  October 2010 Housing Supply Outlook

  Anderson  Belton  Central  Clemson  Easley  Fair Play  Honea Path  Liberty  Pendleton  Pickens  Piedmont  Salem

 Seneca  Starr  Walhalla  Westminster  Williamston

I just found some news from FHFA about real estate prices and their House Price Index and shared the news from FHFA and also some insights into the Upstate South Carolina real estate market at FHFA Reports Price Decline Q3 2010

One of the most important considerations for people buying a home is their cost. Not just the price of the home, but what is their monthly payment going to be. So keeping an eye on mortgage rates is important to buyers and you can find out more at the Latest Mortgage Rate Update

Don't forget to check out the listing of the day: Owner Finance Commercial Property Anderson South Carolina

And now for another crazy picture that is not real estate related:

upstate south carolina realtor thinks this is funny

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Upstate South Carolina Real Estate

Posted by: Mark Brian
(Anderson, SC)
on 11/27/2010 11:44:00 AM


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