Upstate South Carolina Real Estate 11-13-2010

Good morning! I am still suffering from a terrible cold and have been coughing my head off. I may end up having to go to the doctor if I am not better by Monday. I am not sure how I got this but I think I caught it from my wife because she had something last weekend. Thanks honey!

Anyway, in between blowing my nose or coughing I have added more articles to my website that I hope will help keep you informed about real estate in Upstate South Carolina:

NAR just released the 3rd Quarter 2010 home sales numbers and I look at the numbers for all of America, the South and our neck of the woods. Be sure to check out 3rd Quarter 2010 Home Sales

One of the most important factors when looking at Hartwell Lake homes for sale is the water. Everybody always wants to know if it has "good water". Quite a subjective matter but after the drought we experienced but the effect on sales for lakefront homes was significant. However, the results of the recent study from the Strom Thurmond Institute claims that the impact to our economy was small! I discuss this study and the effect of the drought on Hartwell Lake real estate at Excuse Me, I'm Calling BS

I am sure you have heard the phrase Quantitative Easing in the news lately. And we are all concerned about the economy, and recovery in the real estate market. But what is Quantitative Easing and what effect will it have on real estate? I discuss all of the at Quantitative Easing and the Housing Market

And now for yet another crazy picture that has nothing to do with real estate in Upstate South Carolina but might bring a smile to your face:

upstate south carolina realtor thinks this is funny

Nice Kitty?


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Upstate South Carolina Real Estate

Posted by: Mark Brian
(Anderson, SC)
on 11/13/2010 9:27:00 AM


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